Elite Propaganda Squad

The Elite Propaganda Squad is in charge of getting the comic known by the public. Personally, I think it's a better idea to gain readers naturally; someone finds the comic, likes it and spreads it through word of mouth (or keyboard of what have you). I had something like that going at one point but due to my complete lack of productivity on the original comic led to me simply abandoning it. Therefore, I managed to push away what little audience I had and they probably won't come back. So, to give myself a slight head start in the game, I'm going to actually push the premiere and first couple weeks of the comic. I'll be doing this through the Propaganda Squad (they're not really a squad or an organized group of any sort. I just thought it was a neat name.) Rather than plaster internet message boards and spam people, which would turn them away from the comic more than anything, I've decided to take a more "local band approach" as I'll be calling it.
Anyway, here's how it works. I'll be adding some flyers to my download page that you can download and print off. Take them around and post them where ever possible (just make sure you get permission first ^_^. Don't go getting yourself in trouble on my account) Lounge areas at school, coffee shops, local art spots, book stores, etc. There's always places that have little bulletin boards for people to post stuff.
Also, send me an email to let me know that you're taking part in the Propaganda Squad. You don't have to, but if you decide to, I'll put your name on the roster and maybe send you neat things. Plus, if you're the first one in your city, school, state, whatever to advertise for me I'll award you the title of Duke (or Duchess, respectively) of Propaganda for that area. This title is of course meaningless, but Duke and Duchess just sound really neat. I dunno. Maybe I'll make membership cards someday.
Anway, if you send me an email, just put "Propaganda Squad" for the subject line. In the letter itself, tell me a little about yourself (cause I care), where you're from and, I dunno, whatever else you feel like telling me. You can contact me at "nothingatallstaff@hotmail.com".

Elite Propaganda Squad Roster

Dukes and Duchesses of N.A.A
Z, Duchess Of WKU
Ki Va'In Enshi, Duke Of Purdue

Duke and Duchesses
J. Vessel, Duke Of The Greater Evansville Area
W. Krowl, Duke Of USI


Propaganda Flyer

Here's the flyer for the Propaganda Squad. There is a whole lot of black in this thing, so for making multiple copies, here's my strategy: Print one copy off of your computer and save it as a master copy. Then take it to a friendly neighborhood copying machine and let it make the rest. It'll save you a lot of ink.

Propaganda Squad Flyer


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